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February 20, 2018
“Azure Striker Gunvolt”, a major game title of INTI CREATES Co Ltd,., is delivered on G-cluster.
December 21, 2017
“Year end/New Year sales campaign” coupled with simultaneous “game machine present campaign”
-end users who purchases designated game titles can receive a G-cluster game machine -
December 7, 2017
“Final Fantasy®X/X-2 HD remaster version” is delivered on “au game”
December 5, 2017
G-cluster cloud game service is playable through “PIXELA Smart Box” sold by PIXELA from December 5, 2017
November 16, 2017
“Final Fantasy®X/X-2 HD remaster version”, a beautiful HD remaster version playable with multi-device, is released on November 16, 2017
November 11, 2017
“COCORO GAME” starts from November 11
November 7, 2017
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and NTT Docomo, Inc, corporating with Broadmedia GC, delivered VR contents to a self-driving bus with 5G technology
- Conducted open experiments of delivering 4K VR contents which are reproduced scenaries during the outward journey with high resolution vision to a moving self-driving bus -
October 23, 2017
Established a business partnership with Pixela in cloud gaming business
- G-cluster cloud game service is playable from December 2017 -
September 28, 2017
G-cluster cloud game service is deployed on “COCORO GAME”, which is a new game service played on Sharp’s “AQUOS 4K” TV corresponded AIoT
September 19, 2017
“Final Fantasy®Ⅸ Cloud version” was release on G-cluster platform
September 1, 2017
Commemorative sale for 35th aniversary of ShibusawaKou [iOS/Android application]

Our Strength

We offter technology systems and content optimized for cloud gaming.
  • Our patented technology "G-cluster" ultimately minimizes latency
  • We acquire and provide wide variety of content lineup from casual to hardcore.

Case Examples

We provide our technology and content
to domestic and overseas customers.
We provide telecommunications carriers and IPTV operators with platform technology and game content, and game publishers with platform technology.
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