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2017.4.11Press release

Broadmedia GC Corporation

Launched a cloud game application "G-cluster" on Android TV

Broadmedia GC Corporation started to provide a cloud game application "G-cluster" on Sony’s Android TV, Bravia, on April 11, which enables end users to enjoy "G-cluster" , a cloud game service operated by Broadmedia GC Corporation.

「G-cluster」 Android TV app 「G-cluster」

Cloud game application "FINAL FANTASY@ XIII" produced by Square Enix has been provided on Sony’s Android TV, Bravia, on April 11, too. This application makes the data synchronized with the same Google account, so end users can continue to play the game on Android corresponded smart phone or tablet after purchasing a game on TV. In the same way, those who already downloaded "FINAL FANTASY@ XIII" sold at Google Play on their smart phone or tablet can enjoy the game on malti-devices.

「G-cluster」 「G-cluster」 Android TV ff13

Sony’s Bravia is a TV model equipped with Android TV function and has been sold since 2015. Android TV function is a platform on TV prepared by Google, which enables users to use internet on TV and enjoy various applications as they do on smart phone and tablet with Android OS.