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2017.5.29Press release

Broadmedia GC Corporation

Broadmedia GC launches cloud game service
"G-cluster for LEONET", on "Life Stick", a device specifically for residents of Leopalace 21 Corporation.

On June 1, Broadmedia GC will launch a cloud game service, “G-cluster for LEONET”, on “Life Stick”, a device specifically for LEONET, an internet service provided by Leopalace21 Corporation. G-cluster for LEONET is pre-installed on “Life Stick” so residents of Leopalece21 Corporation’s 560,000 rental apartments furnished with TVs can enjoy our cloud game service. Gクラスタ for LEONET

Game Title:

Available games include high visual and high performance titles such as “FINAL FANTASY@ XIII” series and “Nobunaga’s Ambition with power-up kit”, and around one hundred casual games in the JPY500/month package such as table, action, sport, and shooting games.

「Gクラスタ for LEONET場所

“G-cluster for LEONET”

“G-cluster for LEONET” is a cloud game service for “LEONET”, an internet service provided by Leopalace21 Corporation. In order to use this service, users need “Life Stick.” Service plan includes a JPY500/month plan and single title purchases (from JPY540).